Scientific articles published by our research group during 2021-2023

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The scientific  publications of our research group  in cooperation with national and/or international scientists  during 2021-2023 in various  scientific journals include the following:

  • Fekete-Kertesz, I., Stirling, T., Vaszita, E.,  Berkl, Zs.,  Farkas, É., Hedwig, S.,  Remmen, K., Lenz, M.,  Molnar, M.,  Feigl, V. (2023) Ecotoxicity attenuation by acid-resistant nanofiltration in scandium recovery from TiO2 production waste, Heliyon 9, e15512,


  • Fenyvesi, É., Berkl, Zs., Ligethy, L.,  Fekete-Kertész, I., Csizmazia, M., Malanga, M., Puskás, I., Szőcs, L., Varga, E., Szente, L., Molnár, M. (2023) Novel Alkyl Thioether Cyclodextrin Derivatives Against Bacterial Quorum Sensing in Aliivibrio fischeri, Beilstein Journal Of Organic Chemistry pp. 1-41. , 41 p.


  • Favier, L., Simion, A.I., Hlihor, R.M., Fekete-Kertész, I., Molnár, M., Harja, M., Vial, C. (2023) Intensification of the photodegradation efficiency of an emergent water pollutant through process conditions optimization by means of response surface methodology. Journal of Environmental Management, 328, Paper: 116928.


  • Dell’Armi, E., Zeppilli, M., Di Franca, M. L., Matturro, B., Feigl, V., Molnár, M., Berkl, Zs., Németh, I., Yaqoubi, H., Rossetti, S., Papini, M. P., Majone, M. (2022) Evaluation of a bioelectrochemical reductive/oxidative sequential process for chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons (CAHs) removal from a real contaminated groundwater, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 49, 103101,


  • Cruz Viggi, C., Tucci, M., Resitano, M., Matturro, B., Crognale, S., Feigl, V., Molnár, M., Rossetti, S., Aulenta, F. (2022) Passive electrobioremediation approaches for enhancing hydrocarbons biodegradation in contaminated soils, Science of The Total Environment, 845, 157325, ISSN 0048-9697.


  • Berkl, Z.; Fekete-Kertész, I.; Buda, K.; Vaszita, E.; Fenyvesi, É.; Szente, L.; Molnár, M. (2022) Effect of Cyclodextrins on the Biofilm Formation Capacity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1. Molecules, 27, 3603. molecules27113603


  • Kerekes, I. K., Pusztai, Éva, Feigl, V., Kemény, S. (2022) Acute Ecotoxicological Effects of Bauxite Residue Addition on Mortality and Motion-frequency of Dendrobaena veneta and Enchytraeus albidus (Annelida) in Three Types of Soils, Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering, 66(3), 512–524.


  • Németh, I., Molnár, S., Vaszita, E., Molnár, M. (2021) The Biolog EcoPlate™ Technique for Assessing the Effect of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on Freshwater Microbial Communities, Nanomaterials , 11(7), 1777.


  • Farkas, E., Feigl, V., Vaszita, E., Uzinger, N., Rékási, M., Gruiz, K., Molnár, M. (2021) Screening and Ranking Methodology Applied to Biochars Aimed at Acidic and Calcareous Sandy Soil Improvement, Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering, 65(3), 361-377.


  • Hirsch, E., Pantea, E., Vass, P., Domján, J., Molnár, M., Suhajda, Á., Andersen, S. K., Vigh, T., Verreck, G., Marosi, Gy. J. et al. (2021) Probiotic bacteria stabilized in orally dissolving nanofibers prepared by high-speed electrospinning, Food and Bioproducts Processing, 128, 84-94, 11 p.