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“SOILUTIL” Soil amelioration by innovative waste utilisation technologies (TECH_09-A4-2009-0129)

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LogoSOILUTIL4resizeProject title: “SOILUTIL” Soil amelioration by innovative waste utilisation technologies

Funding Programme: National Technology Programme, A4 Liveable, Sustainable Environment

Project Identification Number: TECH_09-A4-2009-0129

Project duration: 2009. 09. 01 – 2014. 01. 31.

Project type: Consortial

Project partners:

.A.S.A. Hungary Ltd (Consortium Leader)

Weprot Ltd. (Partner)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Partner)

Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry (RISSAC), HAS (Partner)


Management and disposal of various waste materials produced as a result of human activity is one of the actual problems to be solved worldwide. The ideal solution gives an efficient waste utilisation alternative.

The SOILUTIL project had planned to ameliorate degraded/contaminated soil, improve the stability of swampy, instable soil and sustain soil quality on the long term developing non-hazardous waste utilisation technologies with the help of a modern engineering toolbox.

The SOILUTIL project planned scale up experiments to develop innovative technological solutions for environmental friendly utilisation of deposited, non-hazardous wastes. Four technologies were demonstrated in field experiments and these were subject to technology verification. The know-how of these technologies was worked out. The technological solutions were  developed in scale up experiments having the following targets in accordance with the objectives of the project: waste pre-treatment technological procedures, waste utilisation technologies targeting compensation of soil degradation, cultivation medium developing technologies, technologies for geotechnical constructions and elements.

Simultaneously with technology development the project  developed a software in support of efficient waste utilisation. The software is based on the data of a dynamically developing database set up within the project.

The Research and Development activity planned in the Project brings innovation in the field of soil amelioration utilising wastes as compared to the national patented waste utilisation solutions. The innovation is that waste utilisation is approached not only from the waste point of view but also from the soil point of view taking into account the objectives of the EU Soil Framework Directive.

With development and implementation of the planned technologies, software and database the project  contributed to the “Sustainable waste management” and to the preservation of valuable cultivation media.