Dr. Viktória Feigl

assistant professor

Dr. Viktória Feigl

assistant professor

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science
Research Group of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

Tel/fax: +36-1-4632347

Academic qualifications:

Ph.D. at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Hungary, 2012
Diploma at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, bioengineer, 2005

Research interests:

  • Remediation methods for metal contaminated soil and groundwater
  • Combined chemical and phytostabilisation
  • Risk assessment of metal contaminated sites
  • Risk management of red mud contamination
  • Re-use of wastes and waste derived products (e.g. biochar) for soil improvement and remediation
  • Re-use options for red mud: soil improvement, extraction of valuable metals
  • Environmental toxicology tests and microbiological methods – development and application
  • Search for new, sensitive endpoints in environmental toxicology
  • Microcalorimetry in environmental toxicology
  • Chemical analytical methods for the evaluation of the mobility and availability of toxic metals
  • Development of environmental database

Publications at MTMT Publication Database

Teaching subjects:

  • Environmental toxicology (lecture and laboratory practice),  environmental engineers and bioengineers MSc, technical instructors, teaching in English language (BMEVEMBM401, BMEVEMBMTT1)
  • Environmental  microbiology and biotechnology  (lecture),  environmental engineers MSc (BMEVEMBM107)
  • Environmental  microbiology and remediation (lecture), bioengineers BSc (BMEVEMKA709)
  • Environmental  risk management (lecture), bioengineers BSc (BMEVEMBM208)
  • Soil protection (lecture), environmental engineers BSc (BMEEOGTAKM1)
  • Microbiology (laboratory practice), bioengineers BSc
  • Cell biology (lecture), bioengineers BSc


  • OTKA postdoc scholarship (National Research, Development and Innovation Office), 2016-2017
  • Croatian bilateral cooperation scholarship (Croatian Scientific, Educational and Sport Ministry, Croatian Mobility and EU programme office), 2015
  • Sciex scholarship – mentor (Switzerland), 2014–2015
  • DAAD scholarship (German Higher Education Exchange), 2013
  • Magyary Zoltán postdoc scholarship (National Excellence Programme, Hungarian State, European Union, European Social Fund), 2013–2014
  • Candidate to Doctor’s Degree scholarship  (Hungarian State), 2009–2010
  • Ph.D. scholarship (Hungarian State), 2006–2009
  • CoSTaR (Coal Mine Sites for Targeted for Remediation Research) research fellow scholarship (European Union), 2005
Language skills: English (advanced), French, Spanish (Intermediary), German, Croatian (basic conversational)