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The effect of red mud on soil biota (OTKA PD_16)

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Project titleThe effect of red mud on soil biota

Funding Programme: OTKA PD_16

Funding Agency: National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Project Identification Number: PD 121172

Project duration:  2016.10.01. –  2019.09.30.

Project type: Postdoc project (non-consortial)

Project partner: BME, Applied Biotechnology and Food Science Department (Research location)

Summary: Red mud is the residue of aluminium production from bauxite. Red mud may have several reuse options, one of which its agronomical application, for example for improvement of sandy soils.  So far there are still scarce information abut the effect of red mud on soil biological activity. The main aim of the project is to gain an understanding on how red mud affects the activity and living conditions of soil biota and to determine the connections amongst the short- and long-term physical, chemical and biological changes in the red mud treated soils.