The PhD students from our group were awarded the 1st and the 2nd prize at the Spring Wind Conference in Pécs

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Congratulations to the PhD students from our group, who participated and were awarded prizes at the multidisciplinary regular annual scientific conference labelled as the Spring Wind Conference in Pécs, organized by the Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates (DOSZ) between 6-8th of May 2022.

The event provided an opportunity for young researchers and doctoral candidates from all scientific disciplines to present their research outcomes in Hungarian and English, also in oral or poster sessions.

Based on the previously sent abstracts, the presentations were classified into 21 scientific sections and 61 various subsections and two poster sessions according to the scientific disciplines. The conference hosted altogether 500 presenters and 90 participants in the audience.

Two of our PhD students participated with 2 oral presentations at two different scientific subsections and were awarded the 1st and the 2nd prize:

Medical molecular biology subsection

Berkl, Zsófia (1st prize): The effect of cyclodextrines on bacterial communication in the Chromobacterium violaceum model system (PhD Supervisor: Dr. Molnár, Mónika)

Biotechnology and microbiology subsection

Németh, Imre (2nd prize): Ecotoxicity study of nanoparticles by various test systems (PhD Supervisor: Dr. Molnár, Mónika)

The additional two of our PhD students presented their research results in the poster session, where Rita Márton’s poster won the 1st prize and Szabina Molnár’s poster the 2nd prize:

Poster session 2.

Márton, Rita (1st prize): Biofilm formation by Candida boidinii and the assessment of the effect of quorum sensing molecules on the process (PhD Supervisor: Dr. Molnár, Mónika)

Poster session 1.

Molnár, Szabina (2nd prize): Qualification of beech-wood biochar and investigation of its applicability in sandy soil. (PhD Supervisor: Dr. Molnár, Mónika)