Research areas

  • Risk assessment and characterisation of chemical substances
  • Development of ecotoxicological tests: aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology
  • Ecotoxicity assessment of soil, water and sediments and of chemical substances
  • Planning and demonstration of soil remediation technologies
  • Enhanced bioremediation
  • Cyclodextrines in environmental technologies
  • Emerging pollutants: monitoring, measurement of the effects, removal from water and soil
  • Soil amelioration with wastes
    • Landfill covers from wastes
    • Soil improvement with the application of industrial wastes (fly ash, red mud) and agricultural biomass waste (compost, biochar)
  • Complex management of contaminated sites:
    • Sites contaminated with organic pollutants (petroleum hydrocarbons and aliphatic hydrocarbons)
    • Gyöngyösoroszi abandoned mining area contaminated with base metal sulphides
    • Ajka area further to the red mud spill
  • Complex re-use technologies for red mud
  • Dissemination and teaching of environmental scientific knowledge
  • Development of the ENFO environmental and engineering database (ENFO)